Every day is a new day…

Every day is a new

Love can be…

Love can be unselfish

God’s Timing

God's timing

Nobody made a greater mistake…

Nobody made a greater mistake

If you look at today…

If you look at today

Painting and Poetry

Painting is silent poetry

Who I Choose To Be

I am whom choose to be

Beliefs and Actions

Your beliefs dont make you

Always leave people better…

Always leave people

Be too positive…

Be too positive

Sadness, Noise, and Absence

Sometimes it takes sadness

Ancestors and Descendants

The kind of ancestors

The Fruitful Life

The fruitful life

Be An Encourager

Be an encourager


If we work upon marble

The Life You Want

If you dont make the time

Happiness Is An Attitude

Happiness is an attitude

It doesn’t matter who hurt you…

It doesnt matter who hurt you


Nothing to brag about